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Servicewomen’s Salute Portal Project

Queen’s University in collaboration with Servicewomen’s Salute Canada has been awarded a five-year Veterans Affairs Canada Well-Being Fund grant to build a welcoming, interactive Servicewomen’s Salute web Portal supporting servicewomen leaving the Canadian Armed Forces, and as veteran servicewomen living in Canadian communities. The goal of the Servicewomen’s Salute Portal is to create a welcoming, interactive, ‘one stop’ online site linking key information and networking resources representing Canadian women’s military service experience, their transition requirements, and their priorities as veterans living in civilian communities.

The Portal project will start by creating two national Search Directories – a Research Resources Directory describing research understandings of servicewomen’s transition from military to civilian life, and a Local Community Services Directory of veteran and civilian community services available across Canada.

Over the five years, progressive enhancements in the Portal’s functionality will be built including a seamless linking of Portal Directories with other online national and international databases, additional Servicewomen’s Salute Search Directories cataloguing servicewomen’s historic contributions, and artistic expression and digital media representation. The Portal will further serve as a unique, curated platform allowing online survey, peer support and employment networking, and digital story-telling content and services.